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The 10 coolest urban gardens in the world

1. Prinzessinnengarten (Berlin)

Prinzessinnengarten is a green and social project in the heart of Berlin, in the Kreuzberg district. Since 2009 an urban wasteland has been reclaimed with the help of hundreds of volunteers, creating a vibrant space for growing herbs and vegetables, always open for the community.

2. Graze the Roof (San Francisco)

Graze the Roof is a community garden installed on the roof on the progressive Glide Memorial Church in the Bay Area. Built with upcycled materials and equipped with a worm composting system, it hosts workshops for the community and other social activities whilst growing vegetables and keeping bees.

3. Brooklyn Grange Farm (NYC)

One of the most fascinating (and media favourite) urban agriculture projects of recent years,Brooklyn Grange Farm grows organic produce that sells in New York City markets, as well as to local restaurants and retailers. They even run a CSA program (fully booked!) and the lush space can be booked for events. Watch this mesmerizing video showing a growing season in 3 minutes:

4. Lufa Farms (Montreal)

Another commercial rooftop gardening enterprise, this one in greenhouses. Lufa Farms grow more than 40 types of vegetables with a hydroponic system, recirculating 100% of the irrigation water and with no synthetic pesticides. If you live in Montreal area, you can even buy their produceonline.

5. Agropolis Urban Farm (Christchurch, NZ)

Agropolis Urban Farm is part of a wider movement to bring a more sustainable food system to Christchurch, New Zealand.  One of the most important tasks in the hands of this emerging collaborative project is to compost and recycle the waste coming from bars and restaurants in the city.

6. Pop Up Patch (Melbourne)

Staying in the southern hemisphere, Pop Up Patch in Melbourne is a subscription based gardening club where every member rents and tends a vegetable patch to grow his/her own food (groups and families are welcomed too). There are still some spots available, so if you live in the area, “for the price of a coffee a day”, you get your own little garden and all the help and encouragement of the Pop Up Patch team.

7. Soradofarm (Tokio)

This one is for transient gardeners. Soradofarm if a program that keeps gardens of train station rooftops so that waiting passengers can do a spot of gardening while the next train comes.

8. Murs à pêches (Paris)

Did you know that Paris used to be a hub of the peach industry? Starting in the seventeenth century, a maze of walls and plots formed a mediterranean-like microclimate in the Montreuil neighbourhood that produced tons of fruit for the Parisian aristocracy. Now the Murs à Pêchesassociation (translated as “Walls of Peaches”) is working to revive the abandoned orchards to restore them as a urban garden and a cultural space.

9. Growing Underground (London)

Anyone who has taken the tube in London knows that in can be hot down there.  Now two entrepreneurs have launched an initiative called Growing Underground to make use of some of that heat to grow salad greens in spaces once used as WWII shelters in the London underground system.

10. Urban Farm (Dublin)

Ireland’s first urban rooftop garden Urban Farm is located in the Dublin city center and aims to “convert urban spaces into tangible edible benefits for the community”.

We are well aware that this list is not comprehensive, urban gardening projects are mushrooming everywhere. Do you know any other cool urban gardens we should know about? Go on, tell us and spread the good news!!

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